New Website Redesign

Prairie View A&M University launched a completely redesigned Website on December 2, 2013. The launch was a culmination of efforts from all colleges and departments at Prairie View A&M University.  The redesign process started in early 2013 with the formation of the Website Redesign Taskforce.  Members of this committee represented all demographics of PVAMU community.   A survey was created to get feedback from faculty, students, staff and visitors about the existing website and what improvements the community would like to see in the new website.  The feedback was invaluable and provided insight into what different audiences expect from the redesigned website.  After careful review of different content management systems, the PVAMU Website Redesign Taskforce decided to use Word Press because of its flexibility, worldwide support community and the ease of use it offered for the content managers.

Since WordPress is open source, it resulted in a cost savings of $50K (one time) + $5K (annual) compared to the next best competitor.  The new content management system is also easy to use, scalable, provides flexibility and low cost plugins and other benefits.  The taskforce finalized the overall design of the website, which is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provides a better experience to our users.  The University has received feedback from several sources, which have all been positive and PVAMU Community was approached again to vote on one of the three options provided to them.  The winner was the design we see today live at Our goal is to improve our branding of PVAMU to the world and we are hopeful the new website meets the expectations of our stakeholders and visitors.