Division of Social Work, Behavioral & Political Sciences

The Division faculty and staff wish to welcome you to our website. We are home to the Bachelor of Arts degrees in History, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Work and Master of Arts in Sociology. We also offer courses in Geography and Philosophy to support the core curriculum. In addition to our major programs, we offer minors in African American Studies and Legal Studies.

Our Division office is located in the Woolfolk Building, Suite 102, and the Social Work office is located in the Banks Building, Suite 231. If you prefer, you may call to make an appointment by calling the Division office at 936-261-3200, or the Social Work office at 936-261-1670.

Our Social Work Education Program is maintains accreditation through the Council of Social Work Education.  Our data assessment data are available on the Social Work Program website.

Walle Engedayehu, Ph.D., Division Head