Advisement and Registration Information

Spring 2016 Advisor List

The table below shows the schedule and priority for Pre-Registration, as set by the Registrar.



Starting Tuesday 12 April

Graduate Level Students and Seniors

Starting Wednesday 13 April

Juniors and Sophomores

Starting Thursday 14 April


Primary advisors for all students, except freshmen, graduating seniors and graduate students, are shown in the table below.

Student Category

(except freshmen and graduating seniors)

Primary Advisor

Last name A-C

Dr. Safwat Shakir                         Collins 313


Dr. Kazeem Olanrewaju                Wilson 201 C


Dr. Nabila Shamim                        Wilson 201 A


Dr. Jorge Gabitto                          Wilson 201 I



Dr. Emmanuel Dada                     Wilson 201 B


Dr. Sheena M. Reeves                    Wilson 201 E

Advisor assignments for all freshmen, new transfer, and graduate students, are shown in the table below.

Freshmen and Graduating Seniors

Primary Advisor



Dr. Michael Gyamerah                Wilson 201D

Incoming Transfer Students

Dr. Irvin Osborne-Lee                  Wilson 200A

Dr. Sheena M. Reeves                   Wilson 201 E

Graduate Students

Your thesis or project advisor or academic advisor assigned by Head of Department


Bioengineering Concentration - Area Advisors

Dr. Audie Thompson                Wilson 201G

Dr. Michael Gyamerah                Wilson 201D

  • Students wanting to pursue the Bioengineering Concentration will need to declare the concentration using a Change of Major Form.

Advisement Categories

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Graduating Senior

New Transfer Students

Graduate Students

Bioengineering Concentration Students

Registration FAQs

How do I register for classes?

Students register for class through their PV Place accounts. Each semester, the student is required input a registration PIN. Students receive their registration from their advisor. Click on the links above for more information.

When can I receive advising?

Academic advising begins the week before registration. The academic calendar provides the registration schedule each semester.

Where do I receive advising?

Each student is assigned to an advisor. Chemical faculty members will post available hours on their doors. Students should sign up in an available slot based on the faculty member's advisement hours. If you are unable to meet with the faculty member during advisement hours, email your advisor to discuss alternatives.

Can I obtain my registration PIN from the administrative assistant?

No. All students must receive their registration PIN from a faculty member.

How do I obtain an override?

Overrides are granted by the department head; therefore, override request are sent by email to the department head. All overrides requests must be explained in detail (capacity, pre-requisite, etc)

Pre-requisite overrides must contain the error code given. Please check your transcript and catalog requirements to determine if a course is missing before requesting assistance with an override.