University College


University College is committed to providing an academically focused, student-centered supportive, structured environment for the entire University community with an emphasis on freshmen. This environment is focused on improving matriculation, retention and graduation rates, increasing student success in academics and facilitating a smooth transition to the world of higher education.

Our vision
University College strives to maintain a scholarly community and a diverse membership of freshmen students. Working in unison, the divisions of Academic Enhancement, Academic Advising and Residential Life help our students develop individual responsibility and respect in a close-knit environment. Shared and personal learning experiences help to contribute to a rewarding residential experience.

Message from the Director

Welcome to University College (UC). UC is a freshman neighborhood that was established to provide you with a living and learning community that will support your academic success and transition into higher education. The UC staff and faculty are here to assist you through the critical first steps in your college journey. However, your ultimate success in college will be determined by your individual motivation and your personal efforts. We will offer you many opportunities in University College, but you must choose to participate in the advisement program, academic enhancement classes, co-curricular activities and other support services. We look forward to your arrival at Prairie View A & M University and University College.

“We don’t want you to just enroll at PVAMU, we want you to succeed!”

Academic Enhancement

Mission Statement

The mission of the UC Division of Academic Enhancement is to promote the academic success of all PVAMU students by providing a comprehensive array of academic enhancement services and activities. These programs provide students with the assistance they need based on their individual academic requirements from basic skills development to academic support for all college level classes to enhanced learning opportunities for scholars.

Goals for the UC Division of Academic Enhancement

  • To provide an effective, integrated developmental program that results in an increased rate of students exiting remediation within one year
  • To provide a comprehensive Center for Academic Support that meets the needs of the entire student body
  • To provide appropriate testing, tracking, assessment and evaluation services that support student success

Academic Enhancement Website

Academic Advisement

Mission Statement

The mission of the UC Division of Academic Advisement is to provide holistic, effective accessible advisement for incoming freshmen and other special populations and to serve as a resource for departmental advisement. This division is also committed to providing centralized support and referral services for the students of University College.

Goals for the Division of Academic Advisement

  • To provide effective advisement on major and career selection based on a comprehensive analysis of each student’s academic skills, interests and the results of appropriate instruments.
  • To provide effective advisement on class selection based on major requirements, student’s academic history and current skill levels.
  • To provide appropriate academic interventions that encourage student success
  • To provide accessible, centralized support and referral services

Academic Advisement Website

Residential Life

Mission Statement

The mission of the University College Division of Residential Life is to provide an on-campus living and learning community that supports the intellectual, social and ethical growth of all entering Prairie View A&M University students with an emphasis on freshmen. The Student Life unit is committed to providing a co-curricular environment, which allows students to pursue special interests, fulfill individual needs, and actively contribute to the living and learning community life while focusing on academics.

Residential Life Website

Last updated 3/2017