Portrait Gallery of Selected Contributors


Aaron May

Aaron May, Graduate Student
Thesis: Conjugate Heat Transfer Measurements and Finite Element Analysis of One-Side Heated Flow Channels with Forced Convective Single-Phase and Flow Boiling


Hongtao Zhang

Hongtao Zhang, Graduate Student
Thesis: Steady-State Single-Phase, Flow Boiling, and Conjugate Heat Transfer Measurements in One-Side Heated Circular Cylindrical and Monoblock Flow Channels


Professor Penrose Cofie (PhD EE, PE; Foreground location) was the head of TSRC Teams which include power transfer, instrumentation and calibration, data acquisition, experimental design, etc.



Mr. Ali Ekhlassi is a previous instructor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Ali Ekhlassi (MS ME) was head of TSRC Teams which included mechanical design and development, solid modeling, instrumentation, and data acquisition.



Mr. Martin worked on a project describing the process of designing and building three test section assemblies with helical wire inserts.

Rashad Martin (ME BS Graduate) completed an Internship in the TSRC under the mentorship of Professor Boyd.




Mr. Northcutt Lee used manufactures provided data to determine local cylindrical coordinates (radial, axial, and circumferential).

Avione Northcutt Lee (BS, ME; MS, ME; PhD) completed an Internship under the mentorship of Professor Boyd. After graduating from PVAMU (BS, ME), she was employed by Sandia National Laboratories and concurrently earned a MS (ME) from Purdue University. Avione then earned the PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She is presently a Postdoc at Nationwide Children’s Hospital where her current research is on tissue engineered vascular grafts (TEVC) for babies born with congenital heart defects.




Academic Highlights

Ronhoward McNeil (ME BS Graduate) completed an Internship and later was a research assistant in the TSRC under the mentorship of Professors Cofie and Boyd.



Mr. Cheri was reponsible for taking pictures of the Thermal Science Research Center (TSRC) working facilites (high heat bay area and the convection lab. He was also a former drum major at the university.

David Cheri Jr. (BS EE Graduate) was a TSRC Research Assistant and made a presentation to the TAMUS Federal Relations Team.



Mr. Daramola showed his expertise by drawing different version of the hypervapotron.

Abimbola Daramola (BS ME student) illustrated fluid flow through a hypervapotron.



Francois Martin

Mr. Martin worked on solving the infinite series equations, literature search that contain data including the peak factor, and put the data in a good format so it may be easy to read.

Francois Martin (BS ME Graduate) conducted an extensive high heat flux peaking factor literature search and completed validation and verification computations.



aris Poerwanto, timothy Copeland, ronhowardMcNeil

Research Assistants (from left- to- right): Aris Poerwanto, Timothy Copeland, and Ronhoward McNeil. Mr. Poerwanto analysis literature papers consisting of experimental study of heat transfer enhancement with wire coil inserts in laminar transition turbulent regimes at different Prandtl Numbers, Mr. Copeland worked on different schematic, and Mr. McNeil worked on the translational stage, hardware, and fabrication for the voltmeter system.