Architecture of Necessity @ Virserum Art Museum, Sweden

2019 Architecture of Necessity Exhibition is an international triennial at Virserum Art Museum, Sweden for sustainable community building. This exhibition showcases innovative sustainable designs that address consumption patterns of our society developed during the last century. It intends to encourage dialogues about the basic values of architecture. The triennial had attracts 600 entries from more than 40 countries. Shotgun Chameleon, an adaptive single-family house designed and built by architecture professor Zui Ng has been selected to be exhibited in this international exhibition. Professor Ng’s vernacular inspired design emphasizes sustainability in terms of environment, economy and social identity. Closing the door at internal stairs, Shotgun Chameleon can be converted from a three bedrooms house into an up and down duplex to accommodate various living arrangements such as live-work, multi-generational living or rental units to offset mortgage.

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