SoA Wins the 33rd Annual AIA Sandcastle Awards

This past Saturday, August 24th, 2019, the 33rd annual American Institute of Architecture Sandcastle Competition was held at East beach Galveston, TX.  Our students were there representing the school of Architecture. They chose to commemorate recently passed architect I.M. Pei’ who designed the new addition of the iconic Louvre museum building in Paris. Altogether, 50 teams of Architectural firms, Construction Companies, and Architecture Schools had participated in the competition. Our School of Architecture student team received the Best Architectural Icon Award and Best College Challenge Award.

The following are the PV SOA student team that participated under the guidance of Prof. Stephen Song and Abel Simie.

Yesenia Davila and Rodrigo Salvador  —  Team Captains

Brianda Esparza Puente

Ryan Nelson

David Munoz

Orlando Hardy

Greg Hill

King Lara

Mark Gonzalez

Justin Cabrera

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