Student Life Studies

Accountability Meets Credibility

Led by Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Timothy Sams, the division of Student Affairs works with academic partners, staff, parents and student leaders to influence our students in living the Panther Life. Student Life Studies provides support to the divisions 4 departments, 22 units, and 14 facilities

Student Success: A Story of Legacy & Victory

  • The Roy G.Perry College of Engineering is #13 in producing African-American doctoral earning engineers.
  • The college recently appointed the first female dean, Pamela Obiomon ’92, who is also an alumna.
  • PVAMU has awarded over 77,000 degrees over the course of its history.
  • From the Prairie View Co-Ed’s in the ’40 to the award-winning Marching Storm and Concert Chorale, our music programs have captured hearts and attention worldwide.
  • In 1968, PVAMU became the first HBCU to host the NROTC programs, represents the 4 military branches: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy.
  • We welcome more than 2,100 freshmen each academic year.

Student Life Studies – Spot Light On Past and Present

Admissions of the First Student- 1876

The circle in the sculpture design is symbolic of the world and the continuity of knowledge. The eight profiles are symbolic of the first eight young men enrolled at PVAMU then known as A&M College of Texas for Colored Youths. The global significance of the circle speaks to the vast influence his influence this University has had, not only in the state of Texas and the nation but also in the world. Beginning with eight students, Prairie View A&M University has nurtured the global community. It began with eight and continues to this day.

This Sculpture is a visual testament to those whose spirit epitomizes the tenacity and strength of PVAMU. From its very beginnings, with eight young men, up to the recent moment, the spirit lives.

Designed by Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr.
Professor and Director of Art
School of Architecture
Prairie View A&M University

Student Spotlight- Gursimran Kaur                         

Greetings! My name is Gursimran Kaur.1997 was the year when my father came to the United States and I was 2 years old through the Off-Shore company. For 8 years my parents were apart because my father did not have the Permanent Resident card to travel back. There was a struggle for him as well as for my mother and an elder brother. Begin school in the United States in 9th grade in 2009. When I first entered the school to this day. I was the only girl with 2 braids and different attire. The American school system is different from the Indian school system. In India, the teacher used to come to classes to teach students and here it was the opposite.

“In the back of mind, my father always told me that books are your best friend”. Graduated from Cy-Fair High School with honors in Spanish in 2013. In 2017 graduated with the Associates of Arts in Business from LoneStar College.

As noted earlier, Prairie View A&M University began in1876 with the enrollment of eight young, African-American males. In 2017, approximately 120 years later, I enrolled here as a multicultural female with a major in Management Information Systems whose home-language is Hindi and religion is Sikh! I’m standing on the shoulders of those eight young men and many others through the years taking advantage of the opportunity to better myself through study and hard work. Volunteered in the campus activities and also an active member of INROADS, without Prairie View I couldn’t be able to achieve my dreams.

Prairie View provided me with a valuable education that was conducive to my life, while adequately preparing me for the next step in my career path. I love the University’s motto that is displayed on one of the academic buildings: Producing Productive People. I believe you can achieve what you want with hard work and effort. I’m glad even the first 8 didn’t quit and I’m glad there is an opportunity for a diverse student to be part of this great university and its history.

Stay Focused. Keep your ears and eyes open. This is a country of opportunities-stick it out. Work hard and you will get the benefits.

Division of Student Affairs
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