Loving That Purple and Gold!

Embrace PVAMU Purple and Gold! Everything that we do at PVAMU reflects the PVAMU brand – this includes the colors that we wear and the way we present our logos to external audiences. Again, a clear and consistent brand identity is the key to building a strong brand.

Simply put, PVAMU Purple and Gold are the colors which identify us as Prairie View A&M University. The unfailing use of these colors is the easiest way to tap into a connection with our brand. To ensure consistency, be sure to use the proper specifications outlined in this guide.

A secondary palette of approved colors for use in marketing and communications materials and applications is provided. Remember, these colors should be used in a secondary way, letting our PVAMU Purple and Gold stand out among the rest. Please refer to the full brand guidelines book for additional information on secondary colors.

PVAMU Primary Colors

PVAMU Purple and PVAMU Gold may be used for Academics, Recruitment, Athletics, and Student Affairs activities and events.
The formal gold and purple in the Color Palate is reserved for ribbon cuttings, graduation, galas, dedication, alumnipinning and building naming ceremonies only.

Executive Secondary Colors

Natural Secondary Colors

General Secondary Colors