Now as we move forward our focus is on widening our reach as it relates to recruitment, while at the same time, continuing to nurture and pull from our most dedicated sources and supporters. Because of the ever-evolving academic requirements at the university, we have had to adapt our recruiting efforts to keep up with that evolution. In our recruiting efforts we have generated a tremendous amount of interest in the Marching Storm from our most loyal feeder programs, as well as from schools that have not traditionally supported the Marching Storm. I attribute this to the work, commitment and enthusiasm our current band students have displayed which is evident in our performances.

Contact Dr. Zachery at to schedule an audition for your school or for a personal audition.  We can also be reached at 936-261-3315. Ask to speak with Mrs. Jeffery to schedule an audition.

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Sam Houston High School in San Antonio

Dr. Timmey T. Zachery playing for young school students

Dr. Zachery plays for eager High School students


The Mass Band Performance at Royal Battle of the Bands


Marching Storm Recruiting Team


High School Band Day Mass Band











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