Our Impact

The vision of the Center of Teaching Excellence is to provide the resources and training for our faculty and professional staff that will allow them to be known as the model faculty and professional staff throughout Texas and the world from an “institution of the first class”.

Our main goals are to provide:

  • continuous training of the latest pedagogy
  • workshops and seminars on ” Best Practices”
  • support to faculty and professional staff attending discipline specific conferences
  • instructional technology support
  • resources to support instruction


The Prairie View A&M University Center for Teaching Excellence (PVAMU CTE) is committed to promoting and nurturing teaching and learning.The Centers offers assistance to faculty and professional staff that will ensure “Learning of the First Class’ for all Prairie View students.To fulfill this responsibility, the staff in the center continually identifies best practices and the latest applications related to pedagogy. The Center offers many services and resources that are designed to support the instructional environment of the faculty.additionally, the PVAMU CTE has a vision of creating and supporting an environment of teachers/scholars that are collegian and willing to share their expertise with others at PVAMU and the broader educational arena.

CTE Policies and Equipment Checkout Procedure

  •  Equipment may be checked out by faculty or staff members ONLY.
  • All faculty and staff must sign a custody
  • Faculty and staff must present valid faculty/staff identification upon request.
  • Equipment may be checked out for only 2 days at a time. If equipment is needed longer then allowed time, all equipment must be returned to the office and re-checked out for an additional 2 days.
  • A courtesy call will be made on the due date for the return of the equipment.

Please click on the link below to view all policies and procedures

CTE Policies And Equipment Checkout Procedure