The war on talent is a key driver for cultivating a legacy and culture where strong organizational leaders are developed and promoted from within. Today’s effective leaders must have a sense of organizational identity and an understanding of how the mission, vision, values, and strategic goals of the organization lead to growth; better employee engagement; effective change management; decision making; and problem solving. Embedded within   this organizational structure is a strategic focus to retain and promote talented people  by investing in training, education, and professional development to increase the employee’s potential and resultantly, increase the overall bench strength of Prairie View A&M University’s  leadership capabilities—Enter LeadershipPVAMU.

The Prairie View A&M University Leadership Development Program, LeadershipshipPVAMU, is designed to institutionalize a methodology that enables the targeted development of PVAMU’s faculty and staff for future leadership positions. The program focuses on key areas that align with PVAMU’s strategic focus areas and to expand the universities’ bench strength through leadership capabilities. LeadershipPVAMU provides the foundation for the development of a leadership pipeline and talent pool in alignment with PVAMU’s strategic initiatives and growth goals.

The inaugural cohort, consisting of 15 members of PVAMU’s faculty and staff, were invited to join the program after a rigorous nomination process. The program spans the course of one year and aims to equip employees with actionable tools to successfully navigate their careers at the University strengthen relationships with their management and peers, build strong networks, and proactively drive a clear path toward progression. The program provides a platform through which participants strengthen their strategic business acumen and gain insight into leadership behaviors and skills that may help them to progress to senior leadership positions at Prairie View A&M University. LeadershipPVAMU focuses on five key developmental areas: (1) Identifying, understanding, and using effective  leadership styles; (2) Implementing customer focused  and compliant business practices; (3) Financial acumen; (4) Leading teams with a strategic organizational focus; and (5) Managing change.

The program’s pre- culmination is inclusive of final group projects wherein cohort members are asked to tackle real-time and real-world concerns facing the University. The final projects, which will be presented at the end of June 2015 to university administrators, must provide well –researched and strategic solutions that will enable the University, its students, as well as its faculty and staff, to continue to prosper. The inaugural program cohort culminates its program participation this summer with a visit to TAMU System Chancellor John Sharp.

Nomination for the 2015-2016 LeadershipPVAMU cohort will be open mid-July 2015. For more information about LeadershipPVAMU, please contact Co-Program Coordinators: Terence Finley, Rebecca Faison, or LaDonna Harris.