Rotamak Room

   Two experimental devices:

  • spherical chamber OD=50cm (50 L), pyrex, with 15 diagnostic ports
  • cylindrical chamber OD=40cm L=80cm, pyrex, 8×4″ ports

   Each experimental device includes:

  • coils for rotating magnetic field (RMF)
  • coils for equilibrium (“vertical”) magnetic field
  • coil for the central current (Iz) to produce toroidal magnetic field
  • preionization coils
  • mechanical and turbo pumps

   Other equipment in the room (shared by two experiments):

  • capacitor bank for Iz current (for toroidal magnetic field)
  • four shelves with tuning capacitors for RMF coils
  • DC power supply for “vertical” magnetic field
  • 650 W 13.6 MHz generator for preionization
  • pneumatic control and safety system
  • water-cooling system
  • diagnostic tables and cables

Spherical chamber – general view

Spherical chamber – close view

Cylindrical chamber – general view

Cylindrical chamber - close view

Cylindrical chamber – close view

Capacitor bank for toroidal magnetic field

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