Dr. Kommalapati, Raghava

Environmental Engineering and Energy & Environmental Sustainability


Dr. Raghava R. Kommalapati, PhD, PE, BCEE
Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Director, Center for Energy & Environmental Sustainability (CEES)
TEL: (936) 261-1660/1665 (dept)
Email: rrkommalapati@pvamu.edu

Research Interest:

  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmental Impacts of various Alternate Energy (Biofuels, Wind and Nuclear energy) Technologies
  • Photochemical Modeling (CAMx) 
  • Atmospheric Interactions of Fogwater and Air Quality
  • Remediation Of Contaminated Soils and Sediments using Physical/Chemical/Biological Methods
  • Industrial Waste Separations
  • Application of Polyaphrons and Alumina Coated with Surfactants for Treatment of Aqueous Wastes
  • Fate and Transport of Contaminants in the Environment

Research Facilities:

  • Water and Wastewater Quality testing laboratory
  • Brand New Agilent 1200 series High Performance Liquid Chromatograph with UV and Florescence detectors
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Other facilities available through partnership with Cooperative Agriculture Research Center (CARC)

Recent Projects:

  • Enhancing Student Learning and Quality of Graduates through Laboratory Experiences in the Civil Engineering Program, PI, US Department of Education (Tittle III), $2.11 Million
  • Host 2012 Summer Transportation Institute (STI) at Prairie View A&M University, PI with R. Radha,Federal Highway Administration thru Texas Department of Transportation, 5/1/2012-12/31/2012, $65,000.
  • Transportation Workforce Development: Sustaining and Expanding High School Outreach Programs and Multi-Agency Partnerships, PI with Radha and Stockton (TTI), University Transportation Center for Mobility, 4/2011- 09/2012, $98,635.
  • Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (CEES), NSF Center of Research Excellence in Research & Technology (CREST) program, The project is funded at $1 Million dollars per year for 5 years for a total funding of $5 Million dollars. Director and PI with P. Biney, Z. Huque and A. Amarasekara.
  • Prairie View Scholarship Program to Enhance Minority Participation in the Nuclear Field, PI, Nuclear Regulatory commission, 5/2010-9/2013, $199,962

Significant Publications

(Out of one book, two book chapters, 26 peer reviewed journal publications and 53 conference proceedings/presentations)

  • (Book) Atmospheric Aerosols: Characterization, Chemistry, Modeling and Climate, 2009, K.T. Valsaraj and R.R. Kommalapati (editors), ACS Symposium Series, Volume 1005, Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Oxford University Press, ISBN13: 9780841269736 (Book).
  • Atmospheric Aerosols and their importance, 2009, R.R. Kommalapati and K.T. Valsaraj, Atmospheric Aerosols: Characterization, Chemistry, Modeling and Climate, K.T. Valsaraj and R.R. Kommalapati (editors), Volume 1005, Division of Environmental Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Oxford University Press ISBN13: 9780841269736 (Book Chapter).
  • R.R. Kommalapati, W.D. Constant, and K.T. Valsaraj, 2005, A Case Study in The Application of Environmental Chemodynamics Towards The Selection of A Remediation Scheme for A Superfund Site in Water Pollution: Environmental Impact Assessment of Recycled Hazardous Waste Materials on Surface and Ground Waters, Volume 3: Engineering Modeling and Sustainability, Tarek Kassim (ed), ISBN: 3-540-23585-X, SPRINGER-VERLAG (Book Chapter).
  • Mohammad A. Hossain, Ghizlane Zemmouri, Ziaul Huque and Raghava Kommalapati, 2013, Discrete Optimization of Wind Turbine Blade Airfoil, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Vol. 2, Issue 2, February 2013.
  • Mohammad A. Hossain, Ziaul Huque, Raghava Kommalapati and Shubarna Khan, 2013, Numeric Investigation of Compressible Flow Over NREL Phase VI Airfoil, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Vol. 2, Issue 2, February 2013.
  • F. Ehrenhauser, K. Khadapkar, Y. Wang, J. Hutchings, O. Delhomme, R. Kommalapati, P. Herckes, M..Wornat, K. Valsaraj, 2012, Processing of Atmospheric Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons by Fog in an Urban Environment, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Vol 14: 2566-2579, DOI:10.1039/C2EM30336A.
  • Ziaul Huque, Ghizlane Zemmouri, Donald Harby and Raghava R. Kommalapati, 2012, Optimization of Wind Turbine Airfoil using Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA II) and Pareto Optimal Front, International Journal of Chemical Engineering, Volume 2012, 9 pages, doi:10.1155/2012/193021.
  • S. Raja, R. Raghunathan, R.R. Kommalapati, X. Shen, J. Collett, and K.T. Valsaraj, (2009), Organic Composition of Fog Water in the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Corridor, Atmospheric Environment, Vol 43: 4214-4222.
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