Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Transportation Laboratory Facilities and Capabilities

The Transportation Engineering, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and computer information systems laboratory have five (5) state of the art computers loaded with civil and environmental engineering software, transportation engineering, and other GIS tools. Below is a detailed equipment list for the Transportation Engineering, GIS, and computer information systems laboratory.

  •     Apollyon 4RT Counters
  •     Radar Recorder Kit
  •     RFID, MC9090 Hand-held Readers
  •     3M EZ-Station Writer & Stand 1420
  •     Traffic Counters
  •     60 feet, Mini Tube
  •     Radar Gun
  •     AutoCAD Software
  •     ESRI ArcGIS Software
  •     TRAFFIX, Synchro Software
  •     PASSER V-03 Software
  •     Transit Route Planning Software
  •     TravTime Software
  •     Micro-Station software


Equipment 1: Apollyon 4RT Counters

This device is an automatic traffic data recorder. Data collected with the TRAX Apollyon can be analyzed in a variety of ways (such as volume, classification, speed and gap) using TRAXPro software

Equipment 2: Radar Recorder Kit

The Radar Recorder represents a leap forward in the use of radar for accurate traffic

data collection. Radar Recorder Kit is equipped with 2nd generation algorithms, the Radar Recorder accurately records up to two lanes of bi-directional traffic data without personnel ever having to go into the road.

Equipment 3: RFID, MC9090 Hand-held Readers

MC9090-G Handheld RFID Reader has the ability to capture a comprehensive range of data — from RFID tags and bar codes to images — with this flexible multi-function RFID handheld reader, which reads data in remote areas where fixed RFID readers can’t reach.

Equipment 4: 3M EZ-Station Writer & Stand 1420

The 3M™ 1420EZ-Writer Station is designed to save time, field labor costs and complexity when writing data to 3M iD Ball, Near-Surface or Disk Markers. The 1420 EZ-Stand can hold 10 Ball, Near-Surface or Disk Markers at a time. Using the 1420EZ-Writer – a special 1420E locator with special software – and a PC, all markers can be programmed at once.

Equipment 5: Traffic Counter

This device is, often electronic in nature, used to count, classify, and/or, measure the speed of vehicular traffic passing along a given roadway

Equipment 6: Radar Gun

This device is used to measure the speed of the moving objects.