Alumnus Flourishes Post-Graduation

Alumni LeassearDraylon Leassear is only a few months into his post-PVAMU life, but the Construction Science graduate is already making headlines at his new company.

“Upon completing my probationary period with AECOM at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the vice president of our Houston office featured me on the front page in our company’s newsletter as a matchmaking success story,” said Leassear. “He said he was intrigued by the passion I had for airports and the company, and he was thrilled to bring me aboard AECOM’s $100 million DFW project.”

Leassear, who serves as an aviation construction coordinator consultant, secured his job only a month after graduation. “I started working at AECOM in September of 2017. The job offer was an awesome opportunity to get a head start on my career in the construction industry,” said Leassear. “Since my junior year at PV, I’ve always planned and expected to be a part of some type of residential or commercial construction project. Although, since I’ve started in the aviation field, I have fallen in love with the different operations, processes, and the overall diversity within this portion of the construction industry.”

Leassear says his dream-come-true wouldn’t have been possible without several PVAMU faculty and staff members who helped him along the way. “During my journey at PV, I faced many adversities, though, with the help of so many individuals there, too many to name, I was able to overcome many difficult obstacles and achieve my end goal, graduating. I would not have been able to make it through without their guidance and encouragement. Now that I am working in my respective field, I will continue to reflect on the ups and downs it took to get here, and I’m grateful to have had such wonderful people in the midst of my growth,” Leassear said.


-This story by Marchita Shilo originally appeared in Academic Insights.