Merchandising and Licensing

The Licensing Program at PVAMU ensures that the visual image and reputation of the University are preserved at all times. All uses of the trademarks associated with Prairie View A&M University are approved and monitored through the Licensing Program.

Prairie View A&M University has partnered with Learfield Licensing for our primary license company.

Businesses/Individuals interested in using Prairie View A&M logo and/or marks must be licensed. The main objectives for the Licensing program are the three “P’s”:

Protection: The trademark licensing program serves to protect the reputation of the University by ensuring that only approved representations of the University marks appear before the public and that goods bearing these marks are of approved quality.

Promotion: Trademarks licensed products bearing logos and graphics that suggest quality and excellence play a major role in recruiting students and faculty, garnering alumni support and establishing a distinction among schools.

Profit: Royalties generated help offset costs of the licensing program and provide an added source of revenue to support other programs such as scholarships and other underfunded areas.

Licensing FAQ

Collegiate FAQ

Q. What is a trademark?
A. A trademark is any word, symbol, design or a combination of these which identifies and distinguishes the goods and/or services of one party from those of another party.

Q. May I use the University seal?
A. The seal may only be used on official University documents, such as diplomas, transcripts, major reports, certificates, contracts, formal invitations and engraved note cards.

Q. What is a trademark licensing agreement?
A. A trademark license agreement gives permission to use the University name or trademarks for commercial purposes granted by license in return for royalties.

Q. Are license vendors allowed to sell licensed merchandise on campus?
A. No, licensed vendors are not allowed to sell licensed merchandise on campus or off campus locations. Follett Bookstore has exclusive rights to sell licensed merchandise through the bookstore with the exception of homecoming week.

Q. What kind of merchandise requires a trademark license agreement?
A. All products bearing a Prairie View A&M University imprint require a license.

Inclement Weather Alert 9-20-2019

Due to inclement weather, the main campus and the northwest Houston center will delay opening until 10 a.m. The safety of our faculty, staff and students is of the utmost concern, please exercise caution as you make your way to campus. The College of Nursing, Medical center campus will remain closed today.