Scholarship Applications for Energy Engineering Minors – Due November 15th

  • Energy Engineering

The Center for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (CEES) is offering scholarships to engineering or science students interested in pursuing a minor in Energy Engineering.

Energy engineering which involves research with fossil fuels, alternate energy sources and environmental sustainability has tremendous potential and high demand for graduates with this background. CEES is very excited to offer scholarships for those that want to pursue the Energy Engineering Minor.



$1500 (when you register for 1 required course and 1 elective); $1500 (when you register for the 2nd required course and 2nd elective); and $2500 (when you register for the last 2 courses in the minor). Amounts are subject to change based on availability of funds. The scholarships are awarded to the student at the beginning of the semester after they have successfully registered for the required courses.


Apply by November 15, 2017
For more information, contact Dr. Dr. Huque (Mechanical Engineering) or Dr. Kommalapati (Civil & Environmental Engineering).

Interested students should submit the following:

  • Application
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Unofficial transcripts
  • A one-page essay