CAHS Information and Impact Center

The Information Impact Center (IIC) aims to streamline and enhance information dissemination within our organization and to better position the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences for the greatest impact.

The goal of the Information Impact Center is to increase positive awareness of our stakeholder audience with robust content and innovative application of current technology using data-driven decision-making tools. Build relationships to streamline and enhance information dissemination to promote community outreach and communicate the impact of the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences’ four department programs for the most significant impact.

The IIC creates all written, media, and promotional material for the CAHS, including brochures, booklets, videos, flyers, posters, press releases, media advisories, news articles, and much more. The center also provides photography and videography services. The department’s focus aligns with Dean Gerard D’Souza’s vision for the college, which is to return agriculture to the forefront of the university through powerful reporting, marketing, and branding of the college’s events, research, programming, academia, and community/extension work. The IIC operates best when partnered with our customers, employees, and internal and external stakeholders.

IIC supports 50 agents in 36 counties and 10 Extension Specialists at headquarters with assistance for programming, publications, evaluations, and summary reports.

We support 14 Research Scientists and 10 Research Specialists with requirements for grant proposals, research publications, and presentations for competitive symposiums.

We support 20 Faculty serving 400+ students.

Through a service/job request form, the Media and Publications Coordinator consults about available services which include, but is not limited to the following standard services:

Marketing Tool-kit Deliverables:

Rack Cards*           Logo Design*                   Newsletters                    Media Releases*

Factsheets               Brochures*                       Posters                           Flyer consultation

Signage*                 Postcards                          Event invitations           Event programs*

Printing*                 Media Training                Web Maintenance          Event Registration*

Photography/Videography*                             E-blasts and Social Media*

Tabletop Displays

* provided through the Service/Job Request Forms:

Some of the above services may require meetings to further assist with content development, advanced design, and or additional consultation.

Staff Roles and Responsibilities

IIC produces content including:

  • Tri-Ag Magazine
  • CAHS Media Kit
  • Event promotional items
  • Ag Kids Color/Activity Book
  • Student Research Journal
  • CEP program marketing material
  • Monday Minutes bi-weekly article newsletter
  • CAHS Website
  • CAHS News and Blog articles
  • CEP Annual Impact Report

Team Members

Paul Johnson, Ph.D.
Interim Director
(936) 261-5029

Tucker Wilson

Tucker Wilson
Media and Publication Manager
(936) 261-5116

LaBeaula Times

LaBeaula Times
Resource Specialist
(936) 261-5138

Sandra Gonzalez

Sandra Gonzalez
Administrative Associate
(936) 261-5153

Caroline Akujuobi

Caroline Akuojobi
Information System Specialist
(936) 261-5008

Communications Specialist
(936) 261-5155

Paul Johnson

Serves to guide the creative direction, planning, and development of CAHS activities that carry out the mission of the unit to communicate the value of the college to its stakeholders. Holds responsibility to increase awareness of the land-grant impact at PVAMU. Designs, implements, and facilitates annual marketing plans for the college. Provides leadership in organizing CAHS events, programming, content, branding, and marketing. Develops strategies to facilitate growth and aid in resiliency planning for the college as well as effectively overseeing procedures that produce communication, marketing, and branding on the college’s behalf.

Tucker Wilson

Assists IIC Director in marketing, developing content for media publication, organizing and conducting research on academic achievements, research projects and extension programs. Helps manage overall activities of department staff and provides media and content distribution support to County Extension Agents by organizing appearances, placements, and branding with state and national media sources. Her experience in television and radio news brings special and exclusive knowledge with branding the college to various media. Coordinates all components of the department to effectively provide accurate communications, branding, and marketing for the college.


Sandra Gonzalez

Hosts the department in support capacity for all pressing administrative needs. Processes, reconciles, and archives purchase requisitions that comply with administrative policies as well as organizes staff. Manages travel arrangements, expense reports, promotional items, storage of inventory supplies, and equipment. Serves as a liaison for departmental equipment and service contracts.

LaBeaula Times

Creates and manages a data warehouse system that will enhance communication with clients and build healthy business relationships with internal and external supporters of the college. Produces post-event analysis reports by collecting and analyzing registration and evaluation data to enhance program delivery and impact reporting within the various departments in the college. Assists event coordinators to streamline the registration process by using registration management tools that will improve customer relations.


Caroline Akujuobi

Performs research and implements new technology systems. Directs the work of system and business analysts, developers support specialists and other computer-related workers. Evaluates user needs and system functionality to ensure IT facilities requests are met. Enhances information systems results by identifying information systems technology opportunities and developing application strategies.