Cooperative Agriculture Research Center

Cooperative Agriculture Research Center

Immigration: What Language Does Our Soil Speak?

The College of Agriculture and Human Sciences is home to amazing researchers who enjoy learning about soil science as well as researching topics relating to dust. Richard W. Griffin, Professor and Research Scientist, along with several CAHS research staff dug 6 feet into the ground in many areas around Waller County in order to determine [...]

CAHS Scientist Publishes on Flooding Generation

With increasing population and urbanization, flooding is a serious problem for public and livestock safety as well as for crop and natural resources protection. Hydrologists and water resource experts are called upon to shed light on flood occurrence, its frequencies, and magnitudes and more importantly how to mitigate and adapt to it. Flooding and extreme [...]

YouthLab’s Impact on Dallas County 4-Her’s

As a follow-up to the magnificent experience during the 2016 Youth Leadership Laboratory (YouthLab), 30 4-H members in Dallas County got a chance to be Agricultural Scientists for an entire week. Under the leadership of Noel Estwick, Information Specialist with the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center (CARC) in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS), [...]

Scientists Study Carbon Dioxide Emission from Soil Organic Amendments

Organic agriculture is gaining ground globally; such agricultural production system uses huge amounts of organic amendments (OA) some of which are lost as carbon dioxide CO2. It’s important for this industry to be able to quantify these losses for different organic amendment types and levels, and under different moisture regimes. This was the subject of [...]

Turner’s Invited Essay Appears in Now & Then

Now & Then: The Magazine of Appalachia, a quarterly published magazine at East Tennessee State University from its Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, commissioned a dozen scholars and researchers to comment on "The Future of Appalachia" for its Winter 2017 issue. William H. Turner, Research Scientist Leader, Social Systems and Allied Research, commented on [...]

Performance of Legume and Grain Cover Crops Under South East Texas Conditions

Cover crops are known for their benefits to farmers and ranchers since they can improve soil quality and health, suppress weeds, reduce pollution and erosion among other environmental benefits. However, information on the most suited cover crop for south east Texas is lacking. A multi-disciplinary team* from the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center has been working [...]

CARC Set to Test and Calibrate Newly Developed Sentek Drill & Drop Probe

A partnership has been established between Prairie View A&M University and Sentek Technologies to test and calibrate Sentek’s newly released Drill & Drop soil moisture monitoring probe.  Sentek, an Australian Company with an international presence, provides sensors and solutions for precision measurement and management of soil water and salinity dynamics. Research Professor and Interim Associate [...]

Deputy Director Makes Seminar Presentation

L’Oreal Stepney, Deputy Director, Office of Water at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), visited campus on Thursday, February 2, where she met Cajetan Akujuobi, Vice-President of Research and Dean of the Graduate Studies, before giving a seminar presentation. During her talk she gave detailed information on the TCEQ Office of Water covering the [...]

Water Team Members Participate in and Lead at Workshop

CARC Water Team members Ripendra Awal, Haimanote Bayabil, Almoutaz El-Hassan, Ram Ray, and Ali Fares actively participated in the Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus Workshop on Integrated Science, Engineering, and Policy: A Multi Stakeholder Dialogue held in College Station, Texas, January 26-27 2017. One of the objectives of the workshop was to build the roadmap that lays [...]

Water Team Members Publish in Water Journal

Members of the CARC Water Team, Ripendra Awal, Haimanote Bayabil and Ali Fares, published a new peer-reviewed article titled “Analysis of Potential Future Climate and Climate Extremes in the Brazos Headwaters Basin, Texas” in the journal Water. The scientists’ study aimed to determine potential future climates and climate extremes and assess spatial and temporal changes [...]