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  • Real World 4 At Haley

November 26 – Most students and young people are hungry for the type of life experiences that are only achieved through real-world experiences. With this thought in mind, Prairie View A&M University’s Extension Agent for the Dallas area, Marvin Young jumps at the opportunity to connect with young people in this manner.  Recently, 45 young ladies at Thomas Haley Elementary School’s the Ladies club in Irving; Texas participated in a program titled, Welcome to the Real World.

“The program gives students hands-on experience and allows them to see what it’s like to handle personal finances,” said Young.  The in-depth program provides students with hands-on experience of what it’s like to have a career, make financial decisions, and work in a diverse world just as adults do in everyday life — the program offered by PVAMU’s Cooperative Extension Program in Dallas County and took place on the last two Tuesdays in the month of November.

“Welcome to the Real World is an active, real-life simulation which gives young people the opportunity to explore lifestyle and budget choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis,” said Young.

The Ladies, led by 3rd-grade Lead Teacher, Ms. Charteka Webb, were also assisted by a cadre of enthusiastic teachers from Thomas Haley and the PVAMU/CEP advisory committee members. Those members volunteered as bankers, insurance agents, car salespersons, and other merchants vying for an opportunity to persuade the students to make purchases that take prudent decision-making skills according to their monthly budget.

As a result of completing the program, The Ladies offered some of the following feedback:

“The program taught me about decisions to make and not to spend too much money.”

“It made me see how my parents struggle to pay bills, housing, clothing, insurance and more.”

“I learned about preparing for the future; it’s a fun way to learn.”

“It helped me understand the importance of money and the value and struggles; I was able to see how my mom may struggle to pay rent.”

Marvin Young


Marvin Young
Extension Agent, Dallas County
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