Hurricane Harvey and Cooperative Extension’s Response

There are a lot of people affected by Hurricane Harvey that need help with their paperwork and follow up. It is not clear why flood victims are receiving denial and cancelation letters. The Cooperative Extension Program is looking to help people affected by flood navigate the systems. The unit is working on alleviating some of the stress that could slow up the process by making sure they understand the process and assist them with the paperwork.

Mr. Timothy Hayden, a citizen of Prairie View Texas, had a home that was affected by the flood from September 29, 2017. Mr. Hayden called his insurance company to help him with the damages however his insurance company was overwhelmed with all of the claims and quickly denied all coverage. Mr. Hayden was devastated and did not know what to do. He applied for assistance for FEMA and SBA, and both agencies denied him of any assistance.

Mr. Hayden came to the Community and Economic Development unit in the Cooperative Extension Program for help as his last resort. Our Housing Specialist was able to get his case reopened. In this process, he’s already been awarded $2600, and he will also receive an additional $21,400 for foundation, AC & heating system and roof repairs from the flood totaling of more than $24,000 in assistance. Mr. Hayden said that he is very grateful for the Cooperative Extension Program helping him to get his home fixed. The Business Specialist has put together a list of recourses that are helping flood victims. Together the team has a comprehensive program that can help Harvey Flood victim across the gulf coast.

This work was supported by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 1890 Extension Formula Program projects under Section 1444.

Jimmy Henry
Jimmy Henry
Program Leader CED
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