CAHS Students, Faculty, and Staff Attend National Women in Agriculture Association Conference

Six Prairie View A&M University students from the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS) participated in the National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA) 7th Annual Innovative Agriculture Empowerment Conference and New Generation Symposium held recently in Houston, Texas. Jayde Daniel, Tiffany Latin, Victoria Johnson, Krystal Stanton, Praise Benson, and Addison Thurston, along with their advisor, Dr. Alfred L. Parks, Professor of Agriculture, Nutrition and Human Ecology, attended the symposium, where the focus was to engage and educate youth through agriculture.

Mr. Billy Lawton, Ms. Angela Moore, and Dr. Kesha Henry from the Agriculture and Natural Resources unit from the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences’ Cooperative Extension Program also attended the event. They promoted extension programming with a display capturing best practices and broadening their support base by networking with members of community-based organizations attending the event.

The National Women in Agriculture Association is a nonprofit organization whose vision is to utilize a holistic approach to equip socially disadvantaged individuals to grow character, promote healthier lifestyles and generate income from the ground up. The symposium included topics such as Next Generation Female Farmers, Women Health: Now We Know, and Creating, Developing and Maintaining Community and School Gardens. A free health screening was also available for those attending the conference.

Angela Moore


Angela Moore
Extension Associate, Agriculture and Natural Resources
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