CEP Staff Engage Educators at State Conference of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

John Ferguson and Shannon Johnson-Lackey demosntrate to groupCooperative Extension Program 4-H Agents Shannon Johnson-Lackey and John Ferguson and Program Specialist Joice A. Jeffries engaged educators at the 99th State Conference of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) in Plano, Texas. The trio presented a workshop entitled “SEW ON! Fostering Meaningful Connections through 4-H Sewing Projects” to engage volunteers in leading 4-H clothing and textiles projects.

Diane Salazar poses with caddyWorkshop participants had hands-on application to sew a camp/toiletry caddy. Many said they intended to share the
lesson with their 4-H and Family and Consumer Sciences clubs, in classrooms, and even requested that the trio come and present this workshop in their
classrooms and clubs. The portable camp toiletry bag can be used to store toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, brush, and other items.

Dr.-Joice-A. Jeffries takes a look at participants workThe sixteen workshop participants included fellow extension professionals, administrators, university professors, and classroom teachers. They learned about the Do, Reflect, Apply educational model and left with their own multipurpose caddy.

Sewing skills teach one about sustainability, entrepreneurship, career awareness, and green jobs. Evidence suggests that it also improves math skills and enhances life and fine motor skills. Neuroscientists’ research indicates that sewing has a positive impact on the mind’s health and well-being.

Joice Jeffries


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