Small Acreage Horticulturists Attend Spring Fruit Tree Maintenance Program

With spring just around the corner, fruit tree growers are thinking about the production of this year’s fruit crop.  On February 27, 2017, Corey Hicks, Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Agent, offered Houston County a Spring Fruit Tree program held at the Crockett Resource for Independent Living Center in Crockett, Texas. This program gave fruit tree growers the opportunity to review research-based information and covered topics on different varieties of fruit trees. Namely, they learned which varieties were favorable for growth in the East Texas area, the proper planting techniques to use according to the fruit tree variety, insect and disease management options, and season-long fruit tree care.  Guest presenter Kim Benton, Horticulturist with Texas A&M University, spoke to the group about horticulture, and Angela Moore, PVAMU Extension Associate, gave a presentation about the Texas AgrAbility Project.

Thirty-three persons attended the workshop, two of whom received three varieties of Pomegranate trees to plant and to track the production of each variety for comparisons and contrasts.  These trees will be used as a long-term demonstration, and recipients will work one-on-one with producers and the PVAMU Ag Specialist to gain knowledge on which variety of Pomegranate trees will grow well in this area, what insects and diseases may occur along the way, and the overall production of each tree. The outcomes of this pomegranate study will be shared over the course of the next three growing seasons.

There will be future horticulture programs held in Houston County focused on the topics of proper budding and grafting techniques for fruit trees, the proper fruit tree pruning techniques to use according to fruit tree variety, and effects of bees on fruit trees.

Angela Moore


Angela Moore
Extension Associate, Agriculture and Natural Resources
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