CAHS Attends Prairie View Trail Riders’ Annual Chili Cook-Off

trail ride wagon

The Annual Chili Cook-Off Competition organized by Prairie View Trail Riders Association took place west of the Prairie View A&M University Panthers’ football stadium this past Tuesday, February 28.Proceeds from the competition go to the Association’s Scholarship Fund. The Prairie View Trail Riders Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1957 by Alfred N. Poindexter, James Francies, and Myrtis Dightman, Sr. to promote agricultural interests in young Americans and foster the continued preservation of western heritage and culture. Myrtis Dightman, Jr. was featured in a recent article in the Houstonia.

Members of the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences attending the contest included Claudine Gee, Chandra Adams, Billy Lawton, Gail Long, Laura Carson, Ali Fares, Gary Newton, among others. James Palmer, Associate Provost and Interim Dean, served as one of the judges.

trailriders eating at table   2017 Chili Cookoff at PV Maincampus

Photos are courtesy of Samira Fares, Special Collections/Archives Department, the John B. Coleman Library.

Dr. Ali Fares


Ali Fares, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Director, Cooperative Agricultural Research Center
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