CEP Extension Agents Appointed to State Duds to Dazzle Contest Committee

CEP extension agents, project leaders and youth are gearing up to compete in various clothing & textile competitions. During September, CEP extension agents participated in CEP’s 4-H STEAM Conference, held in Houston. All trainings were designed to help staff and volunteers lead various youth-oriented competitions. County clothing and textile trainings facilitated by Joice A. Jeffries, 4-H program specialist, are ongoing.

Guadalupe Castro, 4-H Extension Agent, Cameron County

Dr. Crystal Wiltz

The Duds to Dazzle clothing and textile contest was created to help youth take a more proactive approach to learning about various apparel skills including design, construction and consumer buying.  Using public speaking and leadership shills, 4-H members will design, construct and present a finished product. Youth ages 8 through 18 can participate at the county level, and after winning, may advance to district and state levels.  More than 5,000 youth attend the state contest.

Guadalupe Castro (Left), 4-H extension agent, and Crystal Wiltz (Right), FCS extension agent, were appointed to the Contest Committee. Castro and Wiltz will work with the other State contest committee members in sharing, engaging, and training CEP staff, volunteers and youth.

The contest, developed by Charlene Belew and Angela McCorkle (TAMU Extension Program Specialists) culminates in district finalists competing at the State 4-H Roundup each June at Texas A&M University, College Station.
Joice Jeffries


Joice A. Jeffries, Ph.D.
Program Specialist
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