Director of USDA-NIFA to Visit the CAHS

Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy, the director of USDA’s NIFA, will visit the college this week. In his role as director, he oversees the NIFA award funds across the land-grant system. Starting Wednesday afternoon, he will focus his attention on CEP. Shortly after, he will meet with recipients of the Capacity Building Grants to examine research, teaching and extension initiatives the University is undertaking to address the grand societal challenges met by underserved populations of farmers, ranchers and agricultural producers in Texas. On Thursday, he will meet with University leadership, as well as with research and academic areas of the College. His visit will include a seminar on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. for the University community on “Societal Changes and Nutritional Security”.

Ramaswamy plans to return to campus in the fall to address Ag Marketing and Communication Units from across the 1890 System at the 2nd Annual Summit organized by the College’s Department of Marketing, Communication and Information Technology (DOMCiT). He will engage participants and reinforce their mission to strengthen the brand and innovatively disseminate the overall value of the land-grant impact in research and extension.

Over the years, Ramaswamy has spoken to his land-grant stakeholders on various topics. Among the more important have been student leadership development and meeting the needs of 1890 clients with impactful programming that makes the most return on the USDA investment.

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James Palmer


James Palmer, Ph.D.
Interim Dean and Director of Land-Grant Programs
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