Interview with Kaylin McNary

  • Kaylin McNary

What made you decide to attain the degree you are pursuing?

I have always had a huge interest in animal science and a passion for livestock especially cows and horses. Agriculture is such an amazing field that encompasses so much and I didn’t see a better field because, in actuality it (agriculture) is the basis of everything.

Explain your childhood.

My parents have been extremely supportive throughout all of my endeavors. They have always emphasized the importance of education and have gone the extra mile to make sure that I was excelling and succeeding in everything I did.

Were you interested in Ag as a youth?
Yes, I was interested in Ag because as a child, I along with my cousins would ride in the back of my grandpa’s truck to go feed the family cows. It was always exciting and I couldn’t wait to go out there and be around the cattle. It was always very interesting to me but I didn’t expect my interest to grow as much as it did. As I grew up and I started working very closely with my father, is when I became interested in every little detail, from the overall keeping of cattle, working and vaccinating to all aspects of ranch management.


I chose to attend PVAMU because I was told that they had a very competitive ‘ag program’ and I wanted to go to school somewhere where the classroom sizes would be smaller and I would be able to truly grasp what I was learning and be able to have a great relationship with my professors. I am also a fourth generation student at PVAMU, from my great-grandmother on down to my sister are all PV graduates and over 40 of my immediate family members have attended PVAMU. It is truly a family legacy and I wanted to continue that.

What will you do with your degree?

I have hopes of entering into a promising career with the USDA under the Animal Plant Health Inspection Services concentrating on animal health and animal welfare. I also have a special interest in large ruminants and beef cattle, so alongside my career, I plan to be involved in the beef cattle industry.

What was your first reaction when you found out you were a recipient of the Monsanto Fund 1890s Student Scholarship?

I was very ecstatic and excited when I got the phone call because I knew there were many that applied for this scholarship and I was glad the scholarship board saw fit for me to be one of the recipients. The first person I told was my grandmother, and she began to tell me how proud of me she was. A few minutes before telling her about the scholarship, I told her I made all A’s this semester so she told me multiple times how I am making her proud and that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Any hobbies?

My hobbies include attending rodeos and participating in barrel racing events, raising and working with cattle, reading, participating in community service projects and spending time with family.