Success Seekers 4-H SPIN club members are up for the challenge

  • Cutting Strawberries

In September, McLennan County’s Success Seekers 4-H SPIN club prepared for the county’s 4-H Food Show and Food Challenge. Every Tuesday, club members learned about MyPlate food groups, food preparation techniques, nutrients in the food, food safety, knife and kitchen safety and cooking equipment. They also practiced timed food preparation and their group presentations.

Success Seekers will enter two groups into the county’s food challenge. The Black Panthers, a group of five club members will be competing in the junior division and the Blue Panthers, a group of four club members will be entered into the intermediate division.

While 4-H Food Challenge is a group, onsite cooking contest, 4-H Food Show is an individualized cooking contest. Success Seekers will enter three club members in the Clover Kids, junior and intermediate divisions. Club members will still be responsible for learning health, nutrition and food safety information, but will prepare their food dishes prior to the event and will present it to the judges.

McLennan County 4-H Food Show and 4-H Food Challenge will take place on November 3rd at the McLennan County Extension Office. While food show is primarily a local contest for Clover Kids, juniors and intermediates, the top two food challenge teams would move on to the District 8 4-H Food Challenge held on December 10th in Bell County.

For more information on the McLennan County 4-H Food Show and 4-H Food Challenges or other questions about 4-H Youth and Leadership, contact the McLennan County Extension Office at 254-757-5180.