McLennan County’s Success Seekers get off to a fashionable start

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In September, McLennan County’s newest 4-H SPIN club known as “Success Seekers” began its year by hosting a Fashion Storyboard workshop. This initial workshop featured a guest speaker from the 4-H State Clothing and Textile Advisory Board and the 1st Vice President of the Advisory Board, Samantha Merrifield to the Tuesday night meeting to explain the contest. Merrifield, a McLennan County Heart of Texas club member and her mom Christie, presided over the presentation summarizing the fashion storyboard. After the presentation, club members in attendance were paired to critique an award winning a fashion storyboard utilizing the knowledge from the presentation.

Prior to the workshop’s conclusion, the same club members had the opportunity to sign up for an upcoming fashion storyboard contest to be held within the month of December. The storyboards will be due for submission on October 31st at the Bledsoe-Miller Recreation Center, and November 3rd at the McLennan County Extension Office. The next workshop held  by the 4-H SPIN club is titled, “Consumer Decision Making” and is scheduled to hold on Tuesday, October 7th from 6 to 7 pm at the Bledsoe Miller Recreation Center with Micah Holcombe, Texas A&M AgriLife 4-H Extension Agent for Bell County presiding. For more information on the fashion storyboard, the upcoming consumer decision-making workshop or Success Seekers 4-H SPIN club, contact 254-757-5180.