“Outlook on Agriculture” informs about CAHS and CEP

The College of Agriculture and Human Sciences (CAHS) has been working to keep the “A” in PVAMU and serve the land-grant mission of the University. One of the most recent efforts of CAHS was the “Outlook on Agriculture” radio talk show on KPVU. The College of Agriculture took to the air waves over the past spring semester to inform students and community members about Agriculture and Human Sciences.

Outlook on Agriculture Hosts

If you tuned in to KPVU on a Thursday morning over the past spring semester, you may have heard the voices of Ms. LaRachelle Smith and Mr. Tyrell Green, the host and co-host of the CAHS “Outlook on Agriculture” radio show. “Outlook on Agriculture” is a radio talk show that aired every Thursday at 9am on KPVU during the spring semester of 2014. The show informed students and community members about current research that is being conducted in CAHS and CARC, programs and opportunities being offered through CEP, interesting facts about healthy living and agriculture, and usually featured expert guests from the faculty and staff of CAHS, CEP, CARC or other colleges. They held discussions about topics, such as, the forthcoming herb garden, the newly-passed Farm Bill, and the Texas Strawberry Initiative.

OOA maintained a high level of student involvement by providing real-life training opportunities for students. CAHS was able to provide opportunities for students to learn new information and gain new skills to become more competitive in the job market. The show was produced by a senior Communications and Marketing student, Jakari Bates. Jakari served as producer of the show as part of the Student Leadership Apprentice Program within CAHS and was able to gain valuable experience and on-the-job training in the Communications field. The co-host of the show, Tyrell Green, is a current Nutrition major in CAHS who was in his first year of college when the first season of the show aired. He provided a fresh student perspective to the discussions and served as a representative of the student body by asking the questions students wanted to know.

By Jakari Bates

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