Students Attend Two Finance-Related Events

COB Finance EventsPrairie View A&M University hosted two finance events on March 26 and March 28: Athletes in Finance and Women in Finance. Speakers ranged from financial planners and private wealth advisors to an Olympic champion and Super Bowl champion.

“The events were geared around creating awareness for the Financial Planning minor offered in the College of Business,” said COB Instructor Danny Harvey. “The minor was recently revamped to be Certified Financial Planning Board-approved. Becoming a Certified Financial Planner is a designation that is highly respected and set apart professionally, similar to a CPA in Accounting. Many think this minor is all about math and finance, but it involves connecting with people, wanting to help, as well as sales. These skills can be found in various majors and people such as athletes, behavioral science majors, education majors, and others. COB Instructor Audria Ford, the College of Business, and I aren’t trying to convert every student into a financial planner; we just don’t want students leaving without knowing about the opportunity. The profession gives students the opportunity to have a huge impact on their communities and families, a great quality of life, the opportunity to have their own business, and great financial success.”

To find out more about the Financial Planning minor, email Danny Harvey.