Energy Management Report

Prairie View A&M University

Energy Management Report

 October 2018


The following are the steps taken for PVAMU in regards to energy reduction measures for its usage of electricity, gasoline and natural gas.

Prairie View A&M University is committed to energy conservation. PVAMU has shown positive reductions in energy consumption by embarking on an aggressive heating and cooling scheduling program to allow the HVAC systems to turn off when buildings are not in use.

Utility consumption building profiles are generated and reviewed weekly to ensure buildings are operating as designed.  And, monthly campus utility consumption and costs are reviewed to ensure energy conservation initiatives are obtaining expected results. Energy conservation initiatives have reduced the campus source Energy Use Index (EUI) from 215.1 mBtu per square foot in November 2014 to 206.9 mBtu per square foot in June 2018.       

Additional measures PVAMU have taken to reduce energy expenditures relating to facilities:

  • PVAMU is very aggressive in implementing programs that lead to energy reduction. PVAMU has entered into an energy performance contract with Ameresco. The energy performance contract is expected to reduce energy costs by $906,740 annually.
  • A new contract with the College of Nursing and Northwest Houston Center electrical provider that went into effect in September 2017 lowered base line electrical costs by 22%.


Future ideas for PVAMU for energy reduction are as follows:

  • Future building construction at PVAMU will have a primary emphasis on energy efficiency throughout planning and construction.

PVAMU’s ideas to minimize gasoline fuel usages over the next five years:

  • Reduce fleet vehicles – retiring old ones and upgrading to more economical vehicles when applicable.
  • Reducing fleet size where available.
  • Increasing preventive maintenance on golf carts and vehicles to ensure proper operation and improve efficiency.


Gasoline (Gallons) Diesel (Gallons)
FY17 30,976 17,722
FY18 34,158 13,596
% Increase (Decrease) 10% (23%)