Holt ’54 Shares Why He Gave $400,000 to Help PVAMU Students

Making Blessing Count through Giving

Blessings beget blessing—at least they should according to Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) alumnus Raymond Holt ’54.  “I have been blessed throughout my life,” states Raymond. “And that’s why I give.”  Yet, many would find Raymond’s life less than charmed.

“I was poor,” he says. “My father died when I was in the sixth grade. I know what it is like to have nothing—I came to Prairie View with nothing, and I promised then, if I can get out of here—I’m going to help somebody.”

In 2006, Raymond took the first step toward making good on his promise by generously donating $200,000 to establish an endowed scholarship fund. Now named the Raymond and Nell Holt Endowed Scholarship, the fund has helped more than 40 students overcome financial hardships to move forward with their academic endeavors.

“When I wasn’t in class [as a student at Prairie View], I was working,” says Raymond. “It’s difficult enough for students to attend school. I want to help students so that they don’t have to work.”

After Raymond graduated from PVAMU, he spent a short time in the military and then moved to Houston where a friend advised him to pursue a career in construction. “Through the generosity of others, I was able to purchase dump trucks and lead a thriving construction business,” shares Raymond. “I couldn’t have realized success alone,” says Raymond.

And Raymond does not want to keep his blessings to himself. Twelve years after establishing the Holt Endowed Scholarship, Raymond is still seeking ways to assist PVAMU students so that they can avert the struggles that he faced. He hopes that his prosperity can help benefit the lives of others not only now, but far into the future. Thinking beyond his own lifetime, Raymond recently pledged $200,000 to enhance the Holt Endowed Scholarship through his estate plans.“I’m a Christian man. I love the Lord, and I want to give back,” says Raymond.

“Raymond’s contributions will transform the lives of students for generations to come,” states Carme Williams, vice president for Development. “He is a model benefactor. By giving to support the university today through the Holt Family Scholarship Fund and in the future through his estate plans, Raymond is helping to ensure that the university’s tradition of excellence endures year after year. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

To learn more about ways to give, please visit www.pvamu.edu/developmentor call 936-261-1550.