PVAMU student studying abroad in Switzerland, Italy, Croatia this summer

This summer, Ines Frazier, a second-year agriculture major and chemistry minor at Prairie View A&M University, will participate in Switzerland’s School for International Training’s (SIT) Study Abroad Program for Food Security and Nutrition. The PVAMU Honors Program student will spend six weeks, from June 3-July 15, examining food security, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and slow food culture in Switzerland, Italy, and Croatia.

“In these locations, I will investigate global food security and nutrition challenges and their links to sustainable development, public health, and socio-political stability,” said Frazier. “This will allow me to explore food sovereignty, global health, climate change, humanitarian emergencies, and forced migration in the context of global food security. Also, I plan to take French classes to develop networking skills and make global contacts in the fields of food security, nutrition, and public health.”

In total, 17 students from universities across the U.S. will take part in the SIT Program. Frazier said she is most looking forward to gaining insightful information on how to become a better researcher as well as gaining practical experience for her academic and professional development.

“I am excited to be spending my time with other future global leaders who will impact the food system positively,” she said. “I grew up in a food desert in Houston and saw my friends and family pass away from chronic illnesses. I plan to one day alleviate food insecurity and medical deserts that impact underrepresented communities. Thus, I feel this summer program will help my agenda.”

In the future, Frazier has plans for becoming a gastroenterologist, integrative nutrition health coach, and regenerative organic farmer. She is currently working with the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences and other personnel on PVAMU’s campus to create a garden and farmers market for the residents of Prairie View.

  • Frazier’s Study Abroad trip is supported by funding from SIT, PVAMU’s Honors Program, College of Agriculture and Human Sciences, Office of International Programs, and the Office of Development’s Annual Giving Fund.

By: Marchita Shilo