A Special Message from the VP of Student Affairs

Our community is shaken by the on campus shootings on January 30thand last night. These events challenge our sense of community and safety. Although no one was hurt during these incidents, there is no place for these acts within our Prairie View community. The university is committed to their immediate end. Investigations from last night’s and last week’s events are underway and we are expecting to find those responsible parties.

I remind you that, according to our Code of Student Conduct, located on page 19 of our 2018-2019 Student Planner, “Visitors or Guests of students must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct and University policies.  In instances where guests violate rules or policies, the student host may be held responsible.”  While both guests and students can face criminal charges, student will face student conduct charges which can lead to expulsion. Our commitment to maintaining a safe environment for our students means that we will be even more stern in levying sanctions.  We are committed to a zero- tolerance approach to keeping our students and broader community safe.

It is disheartening that, for both incidents, students with information about the shootings are not providing it to our Police Department (UPD). Our partner at American Campus Communities (ACC) is offering a $1000 reward to anyone providing information leading to an arrest of last night’s and last week’s shooters. If you have information about either incident, please contact UPD at (936) 261-1375 or submit a tip on your Rave Guardian app, leaving your name in the “tip box”. Our police department will assure your anonymity.

As I often say, all challenges are our challenges and together we will meet this challenge. For the immediate future, the basketball court at University Village is closed until further notice. UPD will be even more diligent in their patrolling, verifying student identifications and ensuring that everyone is adhering to our community standards. Housing staff will make sure that curfew is maintained, and will partner with residents to make sure guest policies are honored. I ask all of you to look out for each other and to help those who are in need of help. If you or a friend are in need of counseling, please visit the Student Counseling Center.

Thank you for all you do to make Prairie View a special place to learn and grow.

Tim Sams, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs