Check In & Check Out

Check-In – Students check-in to University Housing at their assigned residence hall. At the time of check-in, the student will obtain a key and complete required paperwork. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR EACH STUDENT TO ACCURATELY AND THOROUGHLY COMPLETE THIS PAPERWORK BEFORE SIGNING IT. The Room Condition Sheet is used to evaluate condition at the beginning and end of the contract period. If the condition of the room is evaluated and damages are found, the student is charged for the damages. The students signature on this form is an acceptance of responsibility for the condition of the room as stated on the form.

Close-Down and Check-out – Room close-down and check-out are very important parts of residence hall stay. Room close-down occurs at Thanksgiving, between Semesters, and at Spring Break. During room close-down it is not necessary to take ones belongings home. However, anytime that one is leaving the residence halls and are not returning, a room check-out is required and all personal belongings must be removed. Check-out forms are provided by the Residential Leader or the Residential Coordinator. The Residential Coordinator will inspect each room and assess damages following each check-out. Failure to properly check-out, by not following established procedures, will result in a forfeiture of the housing deposit, additional charges, and administrative and/or disciplinary action may be taken. Students should always check with the Residential Coordinator regarding specific questions on room close-down and/or check-out. Any personal items not removed from the room at the time of room check-out will be removed by the staff. Residential Living & Learning staff and the University do not assume liability for loss or damage of these items.

Withdrawal During the Semester and Refund Policy – If a student is approved by Residential Living & Learning to move out of University Housing and he/she officially checks-out of the hall, a refund of room charges will be made in accordance with the Residential Living & Learning Cancellation Policy.