Rear Loading Dock Doors Policy

The use of the “loading dock” doors leading to the Mail Room Storage Area on the south-end of the
“dock,” and the Technical Services Department on the north-end of the “dock” must be “restricted to
“deliveries” only on a regular basis.

If library staff are being picked-up and dropped off to work, they must use the intersection of University
Drive & Minor Road, at the end of the walk-way in the front of the Library, as the designated connection
point with transporting vehicles.

University personnel currently holding “keys” to the locks of the rear loading dock doors are: Selected
members of the Library Administrative Offices; selected members of the Circulation (Front Desk)
Department; selected members of the Physical Plant; and members of the Campus DPS.

If doors are opened for short periods of time for entry by custodians, workmen, disabled, or delivery
personnel, the entry to the building must be monitored and the doors immediately locked once the
activity is completed. Under no circumstances should the rear doors be left “propped open” for long
periods of time without a staff monitor on duty to observe the entrance.

The library must maintain a “one-way-in and one-way-out” policy at all times for all library staff and users,
including faculty, student, university staff from other departments, and visitors, as means to prevent
“breaches of security,” and to provide safety and protection to all occupants and preservation of all
valuable inventory housed In the building.

The “exceptions” to this policy are as follows:

1) Members of the Library Staff currently holding “accessibility clearances” with the DPS and the
Parking Office that allow parking in the two assigned spaces near the loading dock ramp. Staff
members meeting this requirement are required to make contact with either the Technical
Services Staff or the Circulation Desk to gain entry through the loading dock entrances.

2) During the occasional renovations and construction projects in the library that require “delivery
of equipment” and daily entry and exit by construction crews, special arrangements are made and
coordinated with the PVAMU Physical Plant supervisor in charge of coordinating the construction
project, for use of the rear doors according to a written schedule of the work plan. The Library
Administration must be provided with a schedule of all construction operations that require use
of the back door, and the Library Director will designate a library staff member as the ‘contact’
person for working closely with the Physical Plant personnel and the Construction Crews
supervisor. In most cases, the Assistant Director for Technical Services and Facilities Management
will be assigned to handle library construction concerns. All construction crews entering through
the back entrance must also “sign-in and out” at the Circulation Desk.


Rosie L. Albritton, Ph.D., MLS, MA- Director of Library Services- Professor of Educational Media & Technology
Spring Semester 2014; Updated – Fall Semester 2014; Last Updated- November 11, 2015