Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Animal Science and Food Sciences Option

The Animal Science and Food Sciences option is appropriate for students who are passionate about the welfare of animals and careers upon completion of Veterinary, Medical or Graduate School. This option applies to the production management and distribution of livestock for food, fiber and recreation. As the world’s human population grows, so does the demand on resources like protein and nutrients. That demand creates a drive to seek solutions to a productive and sustainable animal agricultural system that a degree in animal science will provide.

Agribusiness Option

The Agribusiness option will open many doors to an exciting and rewarding future introducing topics such as domestic and international food systems, global markets and international trade, analytical tools for business forecasting, production economics, and the economics of the life sciences.

Plant and Soil Sciences Option

The Plant and Soil Sciences option focuses on protecting and restoring the environment. Careers in both public and private sectors as laboratory technicians can be rewarding. In addition, jobs in natural resource inventory, land use planning and management offer a variety of interesting and challenging opportunities.

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