Purpose and Goals

The Department of Chemistry is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of the chemical sciences and educating the next generation of chemical science professionals. We invite you to become an integral member of an exciting community of scholars.

The Department of Chemistry will facilitate this learning process through the analysis and synthesis of data as it relates to the chemical world. The BS program in chemistry is designed to provide a deeper understanding of scientific processes and principles, which will enable students to develop intellectually and socially. It is further intended to provide a comprehensive foundation in all the major areas of chemistry, while offering a good measure of flexibility. The department seeks to promote study and undergraduate research through a creative association of faculty and student relationships by working as a community of scholars to extend the boundaries of knowledge in chemistry.

Through this execution, the Department prepares undergraduate students for careers in teaching, research, industry, and pre-professional training in areas such as: Medicine, Dentistry and Allied health professions by instilling the importance of multidisciplinary versatility in the chemical sciences. The Department of Chemistry is strives to help its students with their needs in the areas of:

  • Academic advising
  • Registration for chemistry courses
  • Initiating degree candidacy and degree checks for the major
  • Becoming involved in undergraduate research
  • Student recognition
  • Possible job opportunities
  • Increased departmental interaction
  • Scholarship and internship opportunities

For assistance during your academic career, please feel free to contact us.