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The Prairie View Chemistry Club’s purpose is to serve undergraduate and graduate Chemistry majors, chemistry minors, as well as students interested in chemistry. This club will be designed to meet the needs of these individuals by providing information to chemistry majors and minors about careers in chemistry. The Prairie View Chemistry Club seeks to promote an environment that encourages more students to pursue chemistry as a major. Finally, another purpose of the Chemistry Club is to facilitate a mentoring relationship between the chemistry department faculty and its students.

The primary goal of this organization is to increase the number of chemistry majors at Prairie View A&M University. The Chemistry club would like to be instrumental in assisting chemistry majors and minors in obtaining the necessary information needed to succeed.

Proposed Activities of the Prairie View Chemistry Club

The Prairie View Chemistry Club would like to bring professionals working in different chemistry fields to give talks and forums about their professions. The club would like to set up possible shadowing experiences in a chemistry related field. As a club we would also like to raise money to be eligible to participate in scientific conferences like the American Chemical Society (ACS) and sponsor trips to Graduate schools in the area so students can get exposure to their related field of interest. Providing information on scholarship and summer internships to assist club members in developing the necessary career development skills is a proposed activity of the club. We would also like to sponsor our own departmental journal within the chemistry department. Another proposed activity would be to recruit students to attend Prairie View A&M University as Chemistry majors.

How to join the club?

In order to become a member of the Prairie View Chemistry Club you must be attending Prairie View A&M University, and in good academic standing with the university. Students should be interested in pursuing a career in a chemistry related field. Members must recognize the needs for the existence of this organization and maintain the club’s welfare and interests.

It is relatively easy to join, you can talk to the president, come to the regular club meetings, meet the faculty advisors, and most importantly, subscribe to the Chemistry Club’s pvchemistryclub newsgroup to receive updates, announcements, intern opportunities and more.

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