TSI Assessment

This test is required by the University to all students who have not met the minimum TSI requirements for exemption. The exemption requirements are as follows:

ACT Test scores: a Composite score of 23 AND a minimum of 19 in Verbal and Math
SAT Test scores: a Combined Math/Verbal score of 1070 AND a minimum of 500 in Verbal and Math
TAKS Test scores: a 2200 in ENLA AND a minimum 3 in Writing and a 2200 in Math
(The ENLA and Writing scores must BOTH be met in order to be exempt from BOTH. Math will stand alone)

You may also fulfill the requirements by taking and passing any of the following exams:

Before August 26, 2013

THEA Test scores: Reading - 230  Math - 230  Writing - 220
COMPASS Test scores: Reading - 81  Algebra - 39  Writing - 6 Essay OR 5 Essay AND 59 Multiple Choice
ACCUPLACER Test scores: Reading - 78  Elem Algebra - 63  Writing - 6 Essay OR 5 Essay AND 80 Multiple Choice
ASSET Test scores: Reading - 41  Elem Algebra - 38  Writing - 6 Essay OR 5 Essay AND 80 Multiple Choice

After August 26, 2013

TSI Assessment scores: Reading - 351 Math 350 Writing 5 Essay OR 4 Essay AND 363 Multiple Choice

Choose ONE of the following options:
Walk-In Testing

Walk-in testing is held every Monday - Thursday from 1 - 5 PM In room 101 of the Delco building. Once you have registered AND paid, you will need to bring your two forms of ID for testing.

Click here to register for Walk-in Testing on the MAIN PVAMU campus.

Remote Testing

Remote Testing is available for those students who are located outside the Houston area. Please check the pre-approved sites to find a location. If there is no pre-approved site in your area, you will need to call a college/university in your area and see if they will proctor the exam for you.

If you reside in the state of Texas, they will know what the TSI Assessment is. If you reside out-of-state, please ask your school if they would be willing to proctor a computer-based exam for you.

Click here to register for Remote Testing at an off-campus location.
Houston Area Priority TSI Assessment

Priority TSI Assessment testing is offered each Spring for Freshmen in the Houston area. Exams are given at our two Houston locations: the Northwest Campus and the College of Nursing Campus in the Medical Center.

Please see your TSI letter from the TSI Compliance Office for available dates. If you have not received a letter, please call our office at (936) 261-3699.

HOUSTON AREA TESTING IS FULL. Please check back mid-May for available Summer Testing Dates.

Walk-In Testing will conclude May 5, 2016. Testing will resume in June. Please check back mid-May for available Summer Testing Dates.

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