Smart Center

The Smart Microgrid  Advanced Research and Technology Center at PVAMU was funded by the Chancellor’s Research Initiative in November 2015. The vision and goals of the Center are as follows:


The vision of the Center is to create multitude of smart microgrids in the world that are reliable, sustainable, secure and more environmentally-safe.


The research goal is to make the power grid reliable, sustainable and secure by solving the technical challenges involved in the use of Microgrids that have distributed energy sources and loads.

The education goals are to build the research capacity in smart grid at PVAMU, and also to increase the number of students who are doing research in the area of smart grid.


The Center is focusing on the following research areas in Smart Microgrid:

  • Enhancing power quality for Microgrid;
    • Optimizing the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electronic devices in Microgrid;
    • Providing secure and robust data collection and exchange in Microgrid;
    • Design novel fault detection, protection, and control of Microgrid and
    • Design of a test bed for experimental validation

The Center is supported by well-equipped laboratories.