Staff Advisory Council

Staff Advisory Council - Call for nominations. Nominate online now!What is SAC?

The Staff Advisory Council (SAC) is an elected group of staff members who serve as representatives for the staff at PVAMU.  The Council acts as a channel of communication for the staff and the University Administration.  The Council keeps the President and Administrative Staff advised of needs and interests of the staff.  The Council strives to inform the staff about relevant issues at PVAMU.  The Council makes recommendations on specific institutional issues and on general grievance policies but does not act on individual grievance issues.

Authority and Purpose

The Council may make recommendations on general grievance policies but does not act on individual grievance issues.  The Council may advise on specific institutional issues and otherwise act at the request of the President.  The Council has no authority to act outside the directives of these procedures.   The Council shall endeavor to keep staff members informed and in turn keep the President and administrative staff advised of needs and interests of staff on issues and activities affecting them.

Staff Advisory Council Membership

Council representatives and alternates are elected in May every two years.   Representatives serve a two-year term of office.   They must be regular employees appointed one-half time or more for at least four and a half months and must have one year of continuous service with the University as of August 31st in the year elected.   Eligible staff includes all employees with the exception of the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans, Executive/Administrative Managerial personnel and members of the faculty.  Classifications for representation are based on the Job Classification  Categories (i. e. Professional (Non-Managerial,  Non-Faculty), Clerical/Secretarial, Technical/Para-Professional, Skilled Crafts, Service/Maintenance). Faculty members are not eligible.  SAC is divided into job classification based on employee job title.

How is SAC organized?

Officers are elected annually from the council representatives to serve one-year  terms.   The offices are Chair, Vice-Chair, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.   The Past Chair Serves as an advisor to the Council and the Executive Committee for one year. Representatives interested in being nominated as officers are encouraged to contact one of the council members or officers prior to the May elections.   SAC is made up of four Standing Committees plus Ad Hoc Committees appointed by the Executive Committee as needed.  The committees and their responsibilities are:

  1. Executive  Committee  – composed   of  the  officers  and  chairs   of  the  Standing Committees.
  2. Communications – public relations, publicity, media liaison, SAC Newsletter.
  3. Benefits – handles  issues  concerning staff benefits, makes  recommendations, refers items as necessary.   The Director of Human Resources or delegate serves as an ex­ officio member.
  4. Staff Development – promotes staff training programs such as career and professional development,  diversity training and professional development.  The Director of Human Resources or delegate serves as an ex-officio member.
  5. Outreach Committee – handles  the service projects that offer PVAMU employees a volunteer opportunity.