1. Question: What is the current mileage rate?
    Answer: The mileage rate for Sept. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017 is 53.5 cents per mile.
  2. Question: What is the maximum meal/lodging allowance on local accounts?
    Answer: On a local accounts, the maximum meal/lodging allowance is the actual cost of meals up to  maximum allowable daily GSA rate. with department approval.
  3. Question: What is the maximum meal/lodging allowance on state accounts?
    Answer: The state maximum meal/lodging allowance rates vary depending city of duty point for both in the State of Texas and out-of-state and can be found at the website: https://fmx.cpa.state.tx.us/fm/travel/out_of_state/index.php
  4. Question: What is the reimbursement turn-around time period?
    Answer: Travel Services will process a reimbursement via check or ACH within 5 business days after the submission of an error free reimbursement request.
  5. Question: How can I set-up for direct deposit?
    Answer: Direct deposit can be set-up through HR Connect website: https://sso.tamus.edu/ , click on Payroll Data tab, then scroll down to Direct Deposit Information (Payroll and Accounting Reimbursement), click the “Click to Edit” button, then scroll down to Accounting System Direct Deposit Information and select bullet for bank account information and click “Submit” button.
  6. Question: How is student travel administered?
    Answer: All student travel is being funded through the Pro-Card. The chaperoning faculty/staff member is responsible for paying all student related travel charges on their Pro-Card. If the chaperone does not have a Pro-Card they are to contact Pro-Card Office for information on obtaining Pro Card.
  7. Question: Can employee travel expenses be paid with the Pro-Card?
    Answer: No, the Purchase Card state contract prohibits any employee travel expenses to be paid with the Pro-Card. Employees must pay out-of-pocket and then seek reimbursement via a travel voucher. Qualifying employees may apply for an individual travel card to help fund travel expenses.
  8. Question: Who are our current state rental car vendors?
    Answer: State Contractors for Rental Car services are AVIS and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Rate information can be found on website: http://www.window.state.tx.us/procurement/prog/stmp
  9. Question: Which travel agency supports PVAMU?
    Answer: Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) is the state contracted vendor for all airline purchases. Airline must be made online using the Concur Travel and Expense System. Corporate travel planners can be reached at 866-901-3377.
  10. Question: Where are the travel forms located?
    Answer: The forms can forms can be found at http://www.pvamu.edu/forms/travel-forms/ under Travel Forms.