Faculty Member Honored at Annual Nursing Conference

Nursing ConferencePamela Brandy-Webb, a clinical assistant professor in PVAMU’s College of Nursing, was recognized at the Institute for Spirituality and Health’s 2018 Spirituality in Nursing Awards on October 12. Receivers of the award show spirituality – an awareness of the value of spirituality in healthcare; compassion – empathy with regard to all levels of diversity in others; communication – an ability to communicate to their relative community the value of respecting the spiritual beliefs and practices of others; and commitment – caring of body, mind and spirit.

“In pursuing careers which constantly puts oneself in an environment of despair and sometimes loss, what I attempt to make my students understand is that strength of faith and spiritually many times originates from our patients and loved ones of those patients. I communicate with my students the many, many times that I have acquired the needed strength to be successful as a caregiver from the patients and their loved ones in waiting. My commitment to my faith in body, mind, and spirit has been the one constant that has sustained me throughout my lifetime,” said Brandy-Webb.

This is the 26th year for the event.