Master of Arts – Counseling

No new applicant will be admitted after September 1, 2016 – Click here for more details

General Description
The Master of Arts degree in Counseling requires a total of thirty-six (36) hours of graduate course work. Included in the thirty-six (36) semester hours are thirty  (30) hours in counseling, three (3) semester hours of research and a three (3) semester hour practicum.  The program is designed to increase the number of diverse counselors for the state and country and to improve the students educational achievement in K-12. The program seeks to develop new knowledge through research bringing about improvements in learning within schools.  The program encourages, rather than inhibit, bold, innovative and effective leadership.  Studies, recommendations and initiatives would be used to change local, state, and federal regulatory obstacles that inhibit counselor’s creativity.

Admission Requirements
Candidates seeking admission into the Master’s Degree in Counseling with “Graduate Degree Status” are required to submit an application for admission to the Graduate School and the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling.  The candidate must:

  1.  have earned the bachelor degree with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 on a 4.0 system
  2. must submit transcript of all academic work to date.
  3. must provide three letters of references, and
  4. submit a Graduate Record Exam score (GRE).

Mode of Delivery
The primary methodology used to deliver instruction in the Master of Arts in Counseling  program will be a combinations of face-to-face courses, Interactive Television (ITVN) courses   and Hybrid Course delivery.  Regular full time faculty, supplemented by adjunct faculty who are practitioners, will deliver instruction so that all candidates receive well rounded educational experience.

Program Design
The most distinctive feature of the program is its emphasis on a prescribed core of courses for all students.  This required core is essential to understanding the theory and practice to improving counseling techniques.  The program requires a practicum experience in a schools or the public setting.  The course rotation is designed with the practitioner in mind.  Courses are scheduled on week nights and weekends.

Department Contact
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