Software Simulation for Space Exploration Lab

Dr. Shield Lin
Tel: (936) 261-9958

Research Interest:
Software Simulation, Finite Element

Research/Education Activities:
1. Perform Contractual Work for CACI on Space Related Tasks
CACI, formally L-3 Communications, issues task orders to Prairie View A&M. Prairie View A&M conducts the tasks using the Trick Simulation Environment, and other software required for the tasks. Tasks may include research and applications in mechanical systems, mechatronics systems, and computer controlled systems in support for space exploration.

2. Finite Element Analysis
Students learn basic theories of finite element analysis; formulation of elements and system equations in the analyses of structural stresses, vibrations and dynamics, thermal responses, fluid flows, optimizations, failures, and multi-physics.  ANSYS Workbench is used for software simulation on various case studies.

3. Senior Design Project
Developed a wheeled vehicle prototype that is capable of autonomously accelerating and decelerating based upon specific visual stimuli. The autonomous vehicle have multiple sensors which allows it to follow a track under various scenarios. Main functionalities are speed control and directional control.

Research Facilities:
30 High-end Computer Workstations with dual operating systems of Windows and UNIX. Software: TRICK, ANSYS, Matlab, C++, Python, etc.

Some research Results: