NC Milling Machine
Centrifugal Pump System

Used for studying the operation and characteristics of centrifugal pumps.

Heat Pipe System

Used in the experimental investigation of the performance of heat pipes

Manufacturing Lab
Lathe in the Manufacturing Lab
Thermal Science Demonstration Unit

Used for experimental demonstration of conduction and convection heat transfer, evaporative cooling, open cycle refrigeration system, and heat capacities of various metals.

Refrigeration and heat Pump Demonstration Unit

Used for the analysis of thermodynamic cycles including refrigeration system operation, heat pump system operation, phase change observation, pressure/temperature/flow instrumentation, and thermal system efficiency study.

PACE lab
PACE Team Center Lab

This lab offers a state-of-the-art collaborative engineering design environment. It includes a Tandberg video conference and distance learning system, 35 high-end workstations, and various engineering software such as NX, HyperWorks, ANSYS, ADAMS, etc.

  • Hardware Two High-end Sun servers (x2100)
    Twenty Five High-end HP engineering workstations
    Tandberg Video conference system

  • Software Unigraphics NX7.5 (CAD)
    Team Center Community 5.2 (Collaboration)
    MAC. ADAMS, Altair. HyperWorks, and ANSYS (CAE)
    Video and audio conferencing software

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